Greek Partner visited and worked with Long Long

Over 11 years of operating in the field of rubber processing, asserting its brand by certain steps, Long Long has built up the image and created consumer confidence in a convenient household product. Useful, absolutely no harm to users and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of rubber rolls

Rubber mats are a material that is pressed from recycled rubber powder. Rubber mats are divided into different types, each carpet is manufactured with specific characteristics for use. The advantage of rubber mats is easy installation and maintenance. In addition to effective soundproofing, vibration reduction, rubber mats are also extremely good antistatic materials, so this material is very safe for humans. Besides, rubber mats also have the ability to resist fading, the effects such as cigarette butts do not cause explosion.

Application of recycled rubber products

Rubber is a polymer material applied in many fields in human life. Along with the increasing development of society, the amount of waste rubber discharged into the environment is increasing. This has made it difficult to deal with the characteristics of physical and chemical agents as well as difficult to decompose in the burial environment of rubber. After many studies, waste rubber has been recycled, used in many different areas that many people do not think about.

Khánh thành giai đoạn 1 nhà máy Sagama VN

(ĐTTCO)-Ngày 29-3, một nhà máy sản xuất đồ dùng, thiết bị từ lốp cao su phế thải đã được khánh thành giai đoạn 1 bao gồm các công đoạn nghiền tách cao su, thép trong lốp xe oto phế thải tại tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc.