Benefits of rubber rolls

Rubber mats are a material that is pressed from recycled rubber powder. Rubber mats are divided into different types, each carpet is manufactured with specific characteristics for use. The advantage of rubber mats is easy installation and maintenance. In addition to effective soundproofing, vibration reduction, rubber mats are also extremely good antistatic materials, so this material is very safe for humans. Besides, rubber mats also have the ability to resist fading, the effects such as cigarette butts do not cause explosion.
Based on the characteristics of rubber mats, we can divide into 2 main categories:
1. Rubber mats used in sports: With anti-vibration, anti-noise and anti-slip characteristics, rubber mats are widely used for flooring sports such as badminton courts, tennis courts, martial arts practice ...
2. Rubber mats for industrial use: In industry, fire safety factor is the top concern. In factories, if the surface treatment is not good, it will lead to an electrical charge and is completely capable of causing discharges between objects, using rubber mats on the floor of the factory or under machines with High static electricity.
Capturing the actual situation of rubber mats in Vietnam, Long Long has imported the most advanced rubber carpet production line to provide consumers with quality products at a more reasonable price.
With many years of experience, we have been and will be contributing to the dissemination of sports in Vietnam to further develop the physicality of Vietnamese people.
This type of floor mats made from high quality rubber should bring many special advantages, while ensuring professionalism in competition and minimizing the damage when there is a collision:
  • Noise-resistant, soft, durable color over time.
  • Resistant to compressive forces or strong impact and cracking resistance.
  • Resist static electricity so it does not catch fire.
  • Designed in 2 forms, roll rugs and pieces should be easy to clean.
  • It is possible to kill bacteria, prevent mold and fight toxic chemicals, thus ensuring health safety for both athletes and viewers.
  • Anti-slip when athletes compete.
In fact, rubber mats have too many outstanding advantages that are hard to match. Therefore, this kind of carpet is popularly used in multi-purpose competition floors.