About us

Protection of the environment and human health is a critical global issue. In Vietnam, the process of industrialization and modernization is going on strong, leading to a rise in the number of means of public transport (cars and motorcycles) and industrial wastes. The treatment and recycle of such wastes is such a hard issue to solve which has not been attached with special importance.

With a new vision, We Long Long Chemical Co., Ltd. have introduced our very first factory in Vietnam with closed modern advanced European-originated chain technology: Treatment of waste tires to create the final product being rubber beads, bricks and carpets- branded Sagama Vietnam. 

Sagama Vietnam’s products are created in order to reduce environmental pollution; reusing and recycling waste, saving natural resources. 

Rubber beads, bricks and carpets by Sagama Vietnam are widely used in many fields such as: construction of stadiums (running roads, stadiums, children's playgrounds, sports courts, gym rooms); construction (yard carpets, floor carpets, rubber bricks, floors); soil excavation and backfill, asphalt and some fields in the automotive industry, heat-element and elastic products.